Our work

Since 2009, iDSI has been working to support better healthcare priority setting in China. Initial work focused on pilot projects relating to the design and implementation of clinical pathways for routine in-patient procedures and the management of non-communicable diseases.

We are now helping the China National Health Policy and Technology Assessment Network to implement evidence-informed processes to guide government healthcare spending decisions – a key step in helping China to achieve UHC.

“HTA is a necessary precondition for achieving Healthy China 2030…and a new approach to the supervision and reimbursement approach of the market economy in China.”Xiaowei Ma, Vice Minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC)

Who we work with

Imperial’s Global Health Department (formerly NICE International) began collaborating with the China National Health Development and Research Centre (CNHDRC, under the leadership of the National Health and Family Planning Commission) in 2009.