Welcome to our resources section. Here you will find a selection of key iDSI resources; from journal articles to technical reports and tools such as the iDSI Reference Case.

iDSI Knowledge Gateway

Looking for technical guidance on how to conduct health technology assessments, utilise priority setting, or knowledge on how more efficient health systems and spending can help a country transition towards universal health coverage?

We are now hosting our technical content and knowledge products on F1000Research (a publisher and services provider for the research community).

Please see the annotated image and corresponding numbered information for instructions on how to navigate the iDSI Knowledge Gateway.

  1. The content is organised into our 6 key themes
  2. This tab displays formal academic articles that have been authored by iDSI and published on F1000Research
  3. This tab displays a variety of knowledge outputs, including: “Technical Reports”,”Tools”,”Policy Documents”,”Briefing papers”,”Case Studies” and “How to guides”
  4. This is an example of one of our knowledge outputs
  5. This tab displays iDSI authored articles that have been published in a wide variety of global health journals
  6. You can search all of the content on the gateway here