iDSI’s Health Technology Assessment Toolkit surpasses 100 downloads

By Madeleine Stewart Dec. 3, 2018

iDSI has launched a free, accessible resource for technical staff working in health policy keen to build Health Technology Assessment processes in their own countries.

The Health Technology Assessment Toolkit was published in September 2018 following consultation with staff working in health policy around the world who helped develop the content. The end result is a tool detailing the building blocks of a sustainable and locally relevant Health Technology Assessment mechanism for priority-setting. Since its launch, the Health Technology Assessment Toolkit has had over 110 downloads.

iDSI would like to thank reviewers working in ministries of health, health insurers and other health agencies based in: Bhutan, Brunei, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Spain, Vietnam, the USA and the UK for their efforts to make the HTA Toolkit a success.

The Health Technology Assessment Toolkit and all other iDSI research and technical outputs can be viewed on the open science publication platform F1000Research. The iDSI Gateway features work developed through iDSI’s core themes: tackling healthcare challenges; strengthening health systems and institutions; generating and using evidence; smart purchasing for Universal Health Coverage; value for money for sustainable development; and measuring impact

All articles on the iDSI Gateway are published in line with F1000Research’s immediate and transparent publication model, regardless of the article size, type, or perceived impact.

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Already applied iDSI’s Health Technology Assessment Toolkit to your work? Send in your experiences, iDSI would be very glad to hear from you. Contact Madeleine Stewart, iDSI Communications Manager,