London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Neil is interested in use of modelling and evidence synthesis methods to help patients, clinicians, healthcare funders and technology developers to make better decisions by providing information about the comparative value of healthcare technologies. He has led evidence synthesis and modelling projects spanning a wide range of therapeutic areas including oncologic, infectious, respiratory, immunological and cardiac disease.

Neil is also active in methodological research. He has published articles concerning searches for trial evidence, evidence synthesis and surrogacy effects, cost-effectiveness modelling, and pricing.  Neil has spoken internationally about evidence synthesis and decision-making under uncertainty at meetings held in the UK, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Rep., Spain, Taiwan, USA and Korea and frequently conducts training particularly in the fields of network meta-analysis and cost-effectiveness modelling. He was a co-author on the ISPOR task force papers on indirect comparisons.

His current research is focussed on improving the technology development process; he is interested in the use of conceptual and quantitative models of treatment value to aid decision-making during the technology development process. He is also interested in the use of ‘Fully’ Bayesian methods to more reliably identify patient subgroups and aid the personalisation of medicine.