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Changing a Theory of Change: Six important lessons from our work with iDSI

Laura Hopkins, Stefanie Wallach Jan. 28, 2019

A guest blog from our evaluation partner Itad What is a Theory of Change? A Theory of Change provides the foundation for monitoring, evaluation and learning and outlines the key causal steps and preconditions for successful translation of iDSI support into the institutionalization and capacity-strengthening required for “better decisions”. We’ve all been there, right? It took hours of work from …

Institutional strengthening in health: Lunch seminar at the Department for International Development

Aug. 24, 2015

NICE International were invited to speak at the Department for International Development (DFID) “brown bag” lunch seminar, discussing issues in international health with DFID Health Advisers. Dr Ryan Li and Laura Morris, in conjunction with Rob Lloyd, Itad (our partners on monitoring and evaluation), presented our approach to institutional strengthening. The discussions focused on our practical support to decision makers …