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Innovative approaches to address the HIV epidemic in Kenya

By Mohamed Gad , Y-Ling Chi Apr. 26, 2018

Kenya has delivered successful HIV prevention programmes since the 1990s, which have resulted in a dramatic decrease of new infections. Over the last two decades access to treatment has also risen significantly. At present approximately one million people are living with HIV in Keyna are on antiretroviral therapy (ART – the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV infection); and the …

Finding the true north of evidence-based policy development

By Nattha Tritasavit Jul. 30, 2014

Finding true north is important for accurate navigation to embarking on the right path. While there may be many paths to making policy decisions, the ultimate goal is to end up with a decision that has been well-informed by evidence. Evidenced-based policy decisions result in more transparent and effective outcomes that are defendable to the public. A case in point …