Yot Teerawattananon

Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program

Yot Teerawattananon is a founding leader of the Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), which is a research institute of the Thai Ministry of Public Health. The works of HITAP have been used to inform policy decisions regarding the adoption of medicines, medical devices, as well as public health programmes under the Universal Health Coverage Scheme and the national pharmaceutical reimbursement list. He previously served as a medical doctor and director of Pong Hospital in northern Thailand before completing his Ph.D. in Health Economics from UK in 2006. In addition, he has gone on to provide technical advice to many national and international agencies such as: WHO, World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Asian Development Bank, giving him a broad knowledge of key issues in global health. He has more than 70 international publications and served as editor of several national and international journals.

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