South-East Asia

Our work

iDSI is a key player in the HTAsiaLink network, and has provided support to WHO South East Asia Region (SEARO) countries that are beginning to implement the World Health Assembly resolution on Health Interventions and Technology Assessment for Universal Health Coverage, including: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. We are also collaborating with the Philippines (initially through Rockefeller Foundation support since 2013), as they undergo major policy reforms to introduce HTA.

Some key resources that have emerged from our work so far include a policy brief detailing the conducive factors to the development of HTA in Asia and a briefing note on Health Intervention and Technology Assessments in support of universal health coverage in SEAR.

Who we work with

We are working with a variety of stakeholders in South-East Asia, from government departments, to clinicians, academics and industry; to ensure collaboration between all key players so that countries can effectively transition towards UHC.

iDSI core partner HITAP (Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program) based in Thailand, lead on much of the work in South-East Asia. You can read about the domestic success of how HITAP have utilised health technology assessments to substantially advance Thailand’s healthcare system here.

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